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Triplex Pump

Tailored to the unique demands of land rigs, the AMP-1600 triplex mud pump is both user-friendly and transport-friendly. Our design guarantees the robust performance you anticipate from a 1,600-HP pump.

The AMP-1600 utilizes a combination of valve over valve KSI and 2 pc. L-shaped 7.5 KSI fluid ends to cater to the specific pressure range and flow requirements essential for general service applications. In locations where pump durability is paramount, the AMP-1600 stands out as an industry-leading choice.

Furthermore, you can count on an extended service life due to the bearings being engineered in accordance with API Spec 7K, offering an L10 life of 20,000 hours with proper lubrication and maintenance.

1,689 HP


  • Space-efficient design.

  • Significantly lighter by 20,000 pounds compared to 1,600-HP pumps from competitors.

  • Allows continuous 24/7 transportation on standard trailers without the need for special permits.

  • Enhanced maneuverability on the padsite.

  • Economical use of shared parts for efficient spare parts procurement and inventory management.

  • Bearings conforming to API Spec 7K standards, with an impressive L10 life expectancy of 20,000 hours.

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