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Quintuplex Pump

Our AMP-2200 quintuplex mud pump is a versatile choice for both land and offshore drilling operations, characterized by its exceptionally smooth and quiet performance, setting a new industry standard.

In a more compact form factor, the AMP-2200 outperforms traditional triplex pump designs within the same horsepower category, boosting maximum flow rates by as much as 40%. This results in a reduction in the number of pumps needed and the total power consumption, leading to cost savings (CAPEX) and contributing to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. Furthermore, when properly maintained, the AMP-2200 is built to deliver extended, dependable service life.

450 HP


  • - Compact design.

  • Achieves flow rates 40% greater than triplex pumps within the same horsepower category.

  • Provides three times smoother operation, ensuring high-reliability telemetry data without the need for pulsation dampening.

  • Incorporates internal herringbone gear reduction and complete roller-bearing construction
    - Features a straightforward design with well-established, dependable components

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