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Quintuplex Pump

Tailored primarily for applications involving horizontal directional drilling (HDD), the AMP-757 quintuplex pump empowers you to achieve higher flow rates, facilitating more efficient soil removal and precise pipe placement beneath existing infrastructure. This pump maintains a consistent performance even at 800 HP, with minimal heat generation and negligible wear on the equipment.

As a quintuplex mud pump featuring five pistons, the AMP-757 presents numerous benefits for your operational needs. Its independent drive allows for the simultaneous operation of two pumps, a configuration challenging to implement in smaller workspaces commonly encountered in HDD sites. In contrast, the AMP-757 enables the concurrent operation of two pumps, reducing the number of personnel required on the rig site and eliminating downtime. This translates into decreased health, safety, and environmental (HSE) risks, enhanced operational uptime, cost savings, and a minimized surface footprint.

830 HP


  • Elevated RPM and substantial flow rate for extended lateral drilling capabilities.

  • Absence of internal gears.

  • A remarkable reduction of 25% to 75% in hydraulic noise, facilitating the transmission of high-quality telemetry data.

  • In-depth OEM design expertise implemented from the very foundation.

  • Streamlined design that allows for interchangeable expendables with the AMP-447 pump, streamlining the process of stocking parts and maintenance.

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