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Our Crash Kit may save you from stoppage

Updated: Apr 24

At American Mud Pumps we know the importance of mud pumps in oil and gas production, we know that our clients often have scheduled delivery times and a failure in some equipment can delay everything.

It is common for them to fail due to lack of maintenance or simply due to use and that is when the place becomes chaotic.

There are also on platforms, technicians who know the simple and easy-to-repair parts, but many times the parts are missing and cannot be easily obtained.

For this reason, we created a box that we call Crash Kit, which contains the most vulnerable parts of the machines, so that they can be used when necessary.

What can crash when a mud pump fails?

A mud pump failure can cause stoppage during the drilling process because if the pump stops working, the drilling mud will stop circulating. This can lead to several problems:

  1. Heat buildup: Drilling generates a lot of heat, and the mud helps to dissipate this heat. If the mud isn't circulating, the heat can build up and damage the drill bit, the drill string, and other equipment.

  2. Debris buildup: The mud also helps to carry debris out of the borehole. If the mud isn't circulating, the debris can accumulate and clog the borehole, making it difficult or impossible to continue drilling.

  3. Formation damage: The drilling mud also helps to maintain the stability of the formation being drilled. If the mud isn't circulating, the formation can collapse or become damaged, making it harder to continue drilling.

Our Crash Kit may save you from stoppage

What does an American Mud Pumps Crash Kit typically contain?

✓ Bull gear

✓ Crankshaft

✓ Pinion carriers

✓ Shaft, herringbone pinion

✓ Main bearing carriers (left/right)

✓ Pinion bearings

✓ Main bearings

✓ Wrist pin bearings

✓ Eccentric bearings

✓ Wrist pin,

✓ Wedge games

✓ Disc deflectors

✓ Chain

✓ Pinion seal plates

✓ Seals and fasteners

All these parts come in a hermetically sealed box and with the quality standards that mark API Q1 and Q2 and ISO 9001:2015, we are manufacturers of many of our parts, they are made in the United States and we have sufficient inventory in Houston, Tx.

We send these Crash Kits to any part of the world, we have allies in logistics and clients in other continents who know our service and quality.

It also adapts to the needs of the pump and the customer, we talk about your problem and offer you the best option.

Contact our American Mud Pumps experts to serve you as you deserve.

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