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Triplex Pump

Designed to offer a lifetime of reliability in workover and drilling operations, the AMP-800 triplex pump stands as a testament to our engineering expertise. As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for all the pumps in our product line, our experienced team meticulously designs, fabricates, and manufactures the AMP-800 pump, ensuring enduring, dependable performance at your worksite.

The AMP-800 pump's design is distinguished by the use of roller bearings throughout. Unlike the bushings found in competitors' designs, roller bearings extend the expected operating lifespan, resulting in a more substantial return on your investment.

What further sets our pumps apart from the competition is our dedication to precision: our crankshafts are meticulously welded and machined to maintain concentricity, a critical factor in achieving balance and smooth operation. In contrast, other pump manufacturers often use casting and cores for their crankshafts, which can lead to balance issues and undesirable wobbling during rotation. This imbalance may result in performance problems that can lead to unexpected shutdowns.

847 HP


  • Utilizes roller bearings at every point for extended operational longevity.

  • Incorporates a welded crankshaft with inherent balance.

  • Achieves a smoother operational experience.

  • Results in reduced overall ownership costs.

  • Delivers a superior return on investment

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