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Masters of the Craft

Introducing our

High-Performance Mud Pumps



Mud Pumps Beyond Expectations

American Mud Pumps means entrusting your needs to the maestros of mud pumps. Our insight is your advantage, Our profound understanding of mud pumps isn't just our profession; it's our passion!



Long-lasting and superior functionality

Mud pump AMP-triplex-1.png

American Mud Pumps® delivers seamless Triplex performance with superior efficiency. Our pumps feature a high-performance power end, fabricated from steel and equipped with steel herringbone gears. Additionally, anti-friction roller bearings are incorporated throughout for enhanced durability. The robust engineering of our pumps ensures maximum efficiency within a compact footprint.

Our pumps are designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind. Their lightweight construction allows for easy integration into various rig configurations and drilling requirements. Regardless of changing conditions, our pumps maintain their efficiency, making them a reliable choice for your operations



Outstanding performance in tough situations.

Mud pump AMP-Q.png

Experience unparalleled performance and efficiency with our quintuplex pumps, designed to bring exceptional value to contractors. Our robust engineering is adaptable to a variety of drilling requirements and fluctuating conditions, guaranteeing dependable outcomes across diverse scenarios. With advanced technology and sturdy construction at its core, our product stands as a versatile and reliable choice for field contractors



Exceptional performance under challenging conditions

Mud pump AMP-Q.png

American Mud Pumps® is your trusted partner for high-efficiency Well & Frac pumps, designed for seamless performance in fracturing and well service operations. Our innovative engineering approach reduces mud noise by 70%, outperforming conventional triplex drilling pumps without the need for dampeners.


We offer versatile solutions with both twin drive and single drive options, catering to a wide range of drilling operations on land and offshore. Among our offerings is the AMP-T3000, a top-rated triplex pump specifically designed for well service operations

Triplex mud pumps
Quintuplex Mud Pumps
Well service and Frac pumps
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