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American Mud Pumps, our services and parts

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

At American Mud Pumps we are convinced that we can help you to solve problems, but why?

Our company was born in 2020 due to the need to fill a gap left by OEM companies when they stopped supplying specific parts of mud pumps to their clients.

Knowing the great need that exists in the oil sector to have the machines working at 100%, it was when, based on our experience of more than 25 years in the sector, as former employees of some OEMs and our knowledge of quality standards, we found that value in offering parts and services for mud pumps.

So, American Mud Pumps was founded with all the knowledge in the oil industry, the services that the machines need, the quality standards of each part, the care in shipping them, and finally the speed in the delivery of the material.

Many times, production is forced to stop due to the failure of just one part, which is why we have a crew that can go to the place of events to repair them.

American Mud Pumps offer maintenance services so you don't waste time

We have mud pump service standardization catalogs, we know that they need preventive maintenance, which the OEMs recommend every 12 months, a complete overhaul is also needed every 5 years. We know it and we are ready to serve.

We have trained people who will travel to the place where the machinery is located, they will check and if any repair is needed, they will do it on the spot.

We support ourselves with augmented reality technology, our trained engineers are together with the crew advising and monitoring the process from different locations.

We are standardized with Lean and Sigma to make our processes more efficient, and the great advantage is that we can help you to reduce your Downtime NPT.

American Mud Pumps workers

Our parts and inventory make it easy to record deliveries

We are suppliers of most of our parts, we follow the API Q1 and Q2 and ISO 9011-2015 standards. With this, we ensure the highest quality in the materials and the manufacturing of the parts, in addition to having the delivery capacity that can take a week, quite a short time on the market.

We know the urgency of repairs and the knowledge of some operators on the platform, which is why we devised a Crash Kit, which is a hermetically sealed box that contains emergency parts so you don’t have to stop production.

We are a global company with operations in North America, South America and the Middle East.

Learn more about American Mud Pumps on our website or by sending a message, and we will contact you quickly.

American Mud Pumps Stock

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