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Crude Oil's Rise in U.S.: Texas drives record production

Hello everyone, let's delve into the world of US crude oil, where things are really heating up! We'll zoom in on Texas, where they're pumping oil like never before, and compare it to the action in other states. From the lightest products in North Dakota to the heaviest in California and the Gulf, oil production is a mixed bag.

In August 2023, US crude oil production experienced a record rise, largely driven by Texas. This significant increase is primarily attributed to the production of denser crude oil, with Texas leading in the 30.1 to 40.0 API gravity range, according to EIA. 

Each producing state in the United States has its own type of oil. We have already discussed the classification of crude oil and how it affects refining. This classification has significantly influenced both production and extraction.

Crude Oil's Rise in U.S.
Crude Oil's Rise in U.S.

The 2023 Crude Oil Rise: state wise production insights

Texas Surge: Texas, the leader in U.S. oil production, hit record levels in 2023, with a notable increase in denser crude oil. Texas oil, primarily in the 30.1 to 40.0 API gravity range, contributed significantly to domestic production.

New Mexico and North Dakota: After Texas, New Mexico and North Dakota also showed higher production. However, North Dakota's Bakken formation primarily produces lighter crude oil (40.1 to 50.0 API gravity).

California and the Gulf of Mexico: Unlike Texas, California and the Gulf region produce heavier crude oil with lower API gravity.

National Trends and Factors: In the lower 48 states, there has been a 19% increase in oil production within the API gravity range of 30.1 to 40.0. Technological advances in drilling and greater access to pipelines are determining factors.

This regional breakdown highlights the diverse nature of crude oil production in the U.S., demonstrating how each state uniquely contributes to the country's energy landscape.

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