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Our methods to send parts from our distribution center

We use methods that enable us to control the quality of each piece, ensuring it is adequately protected when it leaves our distribution center.

The care of the materials and pieces we manufacture and package for you is of utmost importance, since it must be efficient and safe.

The final product's condition that our customers receive depends significantly on its packaging and storage, which is done from our distribution center.

The destinations for our parts can sometimes pose very aggressive environments. As such, it's crucial to store them in hermetically sealed and specially treated boxes,following strict quality methods .

The wooden platforms used to pack the parts are treated to withstand sudden changes in temperature and salinity. This is particularly important because many of our products are shipped to marine locations.

By taking these precautions, we ensure the parts remain undamaged and safe, even if they are not used immediately upon arrival.

At American Mud Pumps, we have a team that meticulously inspects these shipments to ensure a seamless delivery process.

We meet requirements needed for shipping international such as: COO, COC, Schedule B, ECCN.

All our wood pallets , reels & crates are heat treated

We adhere to standardized manuals to safeguard our products, irrespective of their destinations worldwide. Our quality standards align with ISO 9001, API Q2, and LEAN & SIX SIGMA guidelines, helping us employ best practices in even the smallest details for your satisfaction.

Distribution Center
Products are cared from the distribution center to the point of delivery

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