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How do we ensure the quality of our mud pumps parts?

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Since the year 2020 that we began our production and sale to the public, until today we have kept our processes strictly and thoroughly verified.

Making each piece, storing it and preparing it for shipment, sometimes to another continent, is a task that we do strategically so that our customers are satisfied.

For this reason we follow standardized processes, we have manuals and qualified engineers to carry out this work.

With this, we can guarantee that our clients obtain price, quality and speed.

Our processes were designed based on the highest standards and Lean and Six Sigma Concepts to provide the best quality, competitive prices and the best experience to our customers, in addition to complying with ISO 9001 and API Q2.

At American Mud Pumps we are committed to the quality and service of our mud pump parts.

But what do these quality guidelines help?.

Mud pump parts and services
Quality and service in our mud pumps parts

Quality standards and processes in mud pump parts

ISO 9001: This is a standard used internationally and provides the basis for developing effective processes, in addition to training staff and having durability and quality results in products, it also measures the quality of a company based on customer satisfaction and ability to offer products and services that meet the customer.

API Q2: used by service providers for the oil and natural gas industry, it helps ensure that sustainability, environmental protection and safety requirements are met, this standard minimizes errors in processes, as well as establishes the evaluation of the risk for critical tasks and steps that impact quality.

LEAN & SIX SIGMA: is a methodology that improves processes, reduces operating times and costs, increases quality and efficiently applies resources, eliminating processes that do not provide added value. To achieve this, Lean Six Sigma proposes a series of tools that allow the identification of areas for improvement in different areas of the company.

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