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Happy Texas New Year to the World

Every day, countless individuals work in oil wells around the world, extracting this resource and transforming it into many things we need. These skilled workers, equipped with extensive training, decision-making capabilities, and leadership qualities, leave their families for weeks to operate complex machinery that aids in their duties.

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving, but the greatest joy and satisfaction often come from seeing our loved ones happy and healthy. As we gather together for dinner, we exchange best wishes and express gratitude for our blessings. The sight of a lit Christmas tree and a dinner table surrounded by family is truly priceless.

Behind these celebrations, there's much at play. The lighting in our homes and cities is powered by energy from power plants; the delicious turkey in our oven is cooked using natural gas; and we travel to our relatives' homes in vehicles powered by gasoline or electricity. At the heart of these conveniences lies oil – without this resource, such comforts would not be possible.

Beyond the oil wells, there are suppliers meeting the needs of oil platforms. We, American Mud Pumps, are one such supplier, providing parts for mud pumps used in drilling operations. We offer maintenance and repair services, and our team, with over 20 years of experience and having grown since our founding in 2020, is familiar with most mud pumps on the market.

Our evolution continues, from manufacturing most parts at our Houston, Texas headquarters to distributing them globally.

In 2023, we faced challenges and growth, opened new doors, and encountered interesting people in our field. We evolved from a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to a Corporation, now known as American Mud Pumps Inc., reflecting our experience and client results.

Our most significant development was manufacturing our own American Mud Pump products, made in the USA to OEM standards.

We recognize that technology and advancements are rapidly evolving, and we are committed to keeping pace with these changes.

A heartfelt thank you to our clients and friends who have supported us in this exceptional year. We hope our relationship continues to grow, and we encourage you to keep dreaming, as that's what life is all about.

Happy 2024!

Happy Texas New Year to the World
Happy Texas New Year to the World

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