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US Natural Gas exports to hit record level in 2023

In 2023, the United States set a new record by exporting an unprecedented 20.9 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) of natural gas, representing a 10% increase from the previous year, according to EIA.

This increase was primarily driven by significant growth in liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, which made up more than half of all natural gas exports. The rest was distributed via pipelines to neighboring countries Canada and Mexico.

LNG Exports

The growth of LNG exports was particularly notable, increasing 12% from 2022, with a record average of 13.6 Bcf/d in December 2023. Notably, in 2023, the United States almost supplied half of LNG imports from Europe, underlining its fundamental role in global energy markets.

Exports by pipeline

Pipeline exports also showed a sharp increase. Exports to Canada increased 7% to 2.8 Bcf/d, while exports to Mexico increased 8% to 6.1 Bcf/d. This growth has been constant since 2017, facilitated by the expansion of connecting gas pipelines in central and southwestern Mexico.

Pipeline imports

Despite being a net exporter, the United States still imported 8.0 Bcf/d of natural gas in 2023, primarily through pipelines from Canada. However, these imports decreased by 3% from 2022.

LNG imports

Compared to pipeline imports, U.S. LNG imports are relatively smaller, with less than 0.1 Bcf/d imported over the past two years. These imports predominantly supply the New England market, especially during winter periods of high demand.

The record 2023 numbers highlight the dynamic nature of the US natural gas market, with strong export activities indicating its growing influence on global energy trends. This trend not only supports US economic growth, but also plays a vital role in meeting international energy demands, particularly in Europe and North America.

US Natural Gas exports to hit record level in 2023
US Natural Gas exports to hit record level in 2023



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